Free to Love Training


Join our Meet & Experience evening on March 29th to experience and find out more about the training!


A training in which we integrate various approaches and methods such as body & breath work, touch, meditation, circle work,  tantra (optional) as well as practical exercises around relating and communicating with authenticity, courage and an open heart.

To get to know us and experience a taste of this training, join us for a meet & experience evening in Zürich on March 29th (cost CHF 30)! To register, and for details, please email eran@getreal-bodymind.ch

This training is designed to create a safe and mindful space to explore and open up to the vulnerable aspects of our personality. This openness serves as a doorway to living in a way that is authentic and free.

Within the safety of the group, we unveil and become aware of our individual patterns and conditionings that influence how we relate to ourselves and others. Through exercises, we learn valuable communication tools supporting us to be authentic and intimate in our interactions with others.

Old wounds can heal, boundaries can be explored and expanded. We discover our natural capacity to meet others in depth with an open heart, while being connected to ourselves, our needs and our desires.

The closed group format allows us to build a level of trust and to support each other in going deeper, experimenting and taking risks in a safe environment. During the course of the training, the group stays connected via a Telegram group where various inputs and meditations will be shared.

This training is designed as an inner journey. The qualities we work with and develop on this journey are presence, embodiment, accepting and valuing feelings, deepening relationships with yourself and others.


Course dates and locations (all in 2022):

1) Free to Connect Authentically (weekend): May 20 (19:30) - 22 (15:00) in Amden, Switzerland

In this module we learn to communicate authentically and freely, asking for what we want and need. Using somatic tools, we learn to stay connected to ourselves and our body while being in connection with others. We discover our natural capacity to encounter each other deeply as full human beings, with our emotions, our minds, our bodies.

2) Free to speak my truth (evening) - June 21, 18:45-22:15 in Zürich

In this evening, we will learn about and experiment with free and authentic communication. It's about finding your true voice, expressing clearly and with integrity what's on your heart. It's also about finding your personal, individual and creative expression. We will create a context in which you can express your uniqueness within the group circle

3) Free to be spontaneous (evening) - August 23rd, 18:45-22:15 in Zürich

This evening is an invitation to rediscover our natural vital spontaneity, reactivate it and get back in touch with its power. We will play with exercises to awaken, feel and express your inner impulses. It is also about breaking old automatic habits of reacting and interacting, using our body as a source of intelligence in the here and now.

4) Free to play and create (evening) - September 27, 18:45-22:15 in Zürich

This evening is about allowing ourselves to play like children again, to be creative, to connect through touch, through our senses and our voice. We will explore play as a way of interacting to discover new and surprising parts of our ourselves, awakening our curiosity and lightness.

5) Free to love (long weekend, included with tantric option) -  October 13 (19:00) - 16 (16:00) in Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland

These three and a half days are dedicated to living a more conscious and heart-connected sexuality. It is about discovering new ways of connecting with ourselves and to others through touch. Through this group work we can overcome our fears and feelings of shame, break taboos of the past and experience a more vibrant, colorful and connected sexuality. We will also discover the art of conscious touch and sensuality.


How to Join?

There are two ways this training can be booked:

Free to Love light - includes all modules except for the last weekend in Schloss Galrisegg
Cost: CHF 750

(including meals in Amden but excluding lodging, possibility to sleep in the seminar room)


Free to Love Tantric: All modules including the last weekend in Schloss Glarisegg
Cost: CHF 1100

(including meals but excluding lodging in Amden. Excluding meals and lodging in Schloss Glarisegg. For the weekend in Amden, there is the possibility to sleep in the seminar room.)

Special - sign up with another person and you both receive a CHf 50 discount.

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What you can expect from this training:

✧ ... The teaching of practical, body-oriented, emotional as well as communication tools that can be integrated into your everyday life. Deepened body awareness and exercises that help you get back into your body.
✧ ... Exchanges and sharings about emotional intelligence, relationship patterns & communication.
✧ ... Various exercises and rituals to explore and heal old wounds, as well as to cultivate personal boundaries, self-love and mindfulness.
✧ ... Meditations and exercises that invite presence, sensitivity and relaxation.
✧ ... The tantric art of touch, sensuality for a conscious and connected sexuality (tantric option).
✧ ... Movement, dance, laughter, fun

Who we are:

We are the organizers and leaders of this training. We are sexological bodyworkers (Eran), breath therapist (Olivia), somatic therapists and workshop leaders. We love to create healing spaces that allow for more presence and awareness in everyday life.

In this seminar, our aim is to create a safe and open space in which we can playfully explore what it means to go deeper in connection with ourselves and with others. Together we will experience and celebrate how open-hearted connection can touch and nourish us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Under the experienced guidance of Olivia and Eran, this training provides a safe place for self-exploration. This inner journey reconnects you to yourself, to others, and to your sensuality!

Join our Meet & Experience evening on March 29th to experience and find out more about the training!