Why getReal?

I chose to name my practice getReal because it speaks to several key themes  which inform my life and my work with clients:

Get into your body: In our culture, the tendency is to overemphasize the intellect and cut off from our body. Coming back into contact with our bodies gives us access to our intuition, creativity,spontaneity. While our mind can offer up all kinds of stories, listening to our body can tell us what is really going on in the moment. As we learn to include the body in our experience of the present moment, we start to get in touch with our authentic self, beyond our personality or self-image. Our connection to ourselves, to others and to life becomes richer, deeper, and more full of possibility.

Down to earth: I like to keep things simple, down to earth, and rooted in the real world - Concepts, models and theories of course have their place in our sessions, but only insofar as they have a direct, practical and easy to understand impact on your everyday life and development.

self responsibility: getting real in life means understanding what we can change and what we can’t, and assuming responsibility for the things we can change. By accepting this responsibility we put ourselves in the drivers seat, empowered to act and no longer in the victim role.

Connection to others: The more we “get real” with ourselves, the more we will wish the same level of authenticity, honesty and depth in our connections with others. I believe we all have a innate desire for these kind of authentic connections- in our love relationships, friendships, working relationships and perhaps even the person sitting next to us on the train.