About me


Born and raised in Montreal, Canada in an international family, I have always been fascinated with different peoples, cultures, languages and perspectives. This, has led me to live, work and study on various continents. Switzerland has been my home since 2009.

Starting off in the working world, first as an engineer and then throughout my years in management, I came eventually to a realization - it was the deeper personal interactions that drew me in, energized and inspired me. This realization has shaped my life (and career) decisions until today. It is why I lived for four years in a large intentional community (eco-village), whose focus centers on experimenting with ways to communicate and connect with others more deeply and authentically. It is also what motivates me as a coach and workshop leader.

In the last 10 years, this same focus has also led me into a journey inside myself. On my own and as part of various groups, I have explored self-reflection, meditation, psychology, bodywork, spirituality. Often the greatest catalysts for growth and self-discovery have been events in my life.

How others describe me:

  • Open, curious, empathic, good listener
  • Trust inspiring, create a space of safety and acceptance
  • Seeing new angles, new perspectives
  • Clear, practical, down to earth
  • Not afraid to confront when necessary
  • Keen insight into people and situations
  • Calm, composed yet informal and engaging


What I have learnt from…


...love and marriage

That long term relationships are the best personal development tool ever invented - and that love grows as you set the other free .

...my travels

That there are many different ways of looking at pretty much anything

...working in management

The value of truly listening without agenda, of not avoiding confrontation when it is necessary, of finding my appreciation for the person in front of me and showing it. 

...living in community                                                                                     

Not to take anything about how society works for granted - nothing must be the way it is and everything can be questioned and may be changed -               

...participating, assisting and leading personal development workshops

That underneath it all we all long to show ourselves, to deeply connect with others, to touch and be touched.


That the ideal conditions for learning are curiosity, playfulness, and freedom to follow your impulses. And that great enabler of learning is awareness.


That the body has its own authenticity and takes great pleasure in revealing itself


That we are much less in control of our lives than we think. We do have one essential freedom however -  to flow with life, surrendering to wherever it takes us, or to resist and fight against it.




Eran Freiwald