Coaching - My Approach


These are a few of the key qualities I aim to bring into our sessions:

Self-acceptance is the cornerstone of our work together. My first priority in our sessions together is to create an accepting, judgement-free space, where the “real you” can emerge and where you feel comfortable experimenting with new ways of being and acting.

The most powerful and essential tool for any type of personal change or development is awareness. Awareness (also called mindfulness or consciousness) means shining a light on aspects of ourselves, such as unwanted feelings or reactions patterns which normally remain unconscious. It is by meeting these feelings and emotions with non-judging awareness that we can gain real insight into our present state and bring about the change we want.

Integrated approach - mind and body
We now know scientifically what some ancient traditions have known for millennia - that mind and body are to sides of the same coin, two expressions of the same being. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions - all have a mental expression and a somatic (body) expression. Bringing awareness to our bodies is a direct path to gaining insight into ourselves and bringing our unconscious patterns to light. By working with the whole being - body, mind and emotions - we start thinking and perceiving in new ways, our self-image expands and we become more free and more alive. Some of the tools we use to this end are developing body awareness, breathwork, conscious movement and methods from Gestalt therapy.

Focus on the “here and now”
Being in the here and now means putting attention on what is happening in the present moment during the session- what feelings, thoughts and body sensations and gestures are arising in this instant? Which dynamics, habits, impulses are being expressed?

Focusing on the present moment allows our sessions to serve as both a mirror and “rehearsal” space, creating a strong link between what we achieve in the sessions and your everyday life. Working in this way also imbues the session with a high energy level which is engaging and effective. The focus on the here and now is of course balanced with taking a step back, observing, analyzing and integrating what has been experienced.