Sexological Bodywork



In my journey of the last years I have become acutely aware of what I always intuitively felt - that my sexuality is an essential part of who I am. I also learnt that my relationship to my own sexuality is deeply connected to how I relate to myself and the world around me. For me, the journey into my sexuality is the journey into freedom, self-love, joy, vitality. It is the journey into myself – into my light and my shadow, into every aspect of myself.

The way we live our sexuality reflects so much of who we are – where we are free, where inhibited, how open we are to connection, where we cut ourselves off from ourselves and from others, our strategies to get what we want and avoid what we don’t. It reveals our need to control and our capacity to surrender, and connects us to the intensity of life that is flowing through our bodies.

Above all, our sexuality brings us back to ourselves - through it we access and express our greatest depths - we become intimate – with ourselves, with our partner, with life itself. Fully accepting our sexuality means making friends with ourselves, becoming whole again. It is a process of liberation, allowing ourselves to move through life empowered, authentic, fully alive.

My underlying vision as Sexological Bodyworker is to accompany women, men and couples in this process of discovering, befriending and celebrating their sexuality. I do this by creating a safe and informed space of  acceptance and awareness, where whatever arises is welcome and you are encouraged to experience new parts of yourself.

Here are some of the themes we can address in our work together

  • Understanding and appreciating the unique way in which your sexuality works - Accepting and befriending your sexuality
  • Learning to live a self-empowered sexuality - becoming aware of what you want and communicating it to your partner
  • Enjoying a fulfilling sex life in your partnership(s)
  • Addressing issues and widening possibilities around orgasm and/or lack of desire
  • Erectile and ejaculation concerns for men
  • Rediscovering your inborn capacity to receive sensual touch – learning to trust and experience pleasure
  • Living a more embodied sexuality - developing a finer sensitivity  in the body, using breath and movement for relaxation and regulating arousal
  • Connecting genitals with the heart - learning how arousal, intimacy and love can co-exist and mutually reinforce each other
  • Explore emotions such as shame, insecurity, guilt, anger and fear in connection with sexuality, learning to become aware of, accept and integrate these emotions
  • Discover new aspects of your sexuality, moving more freely and openly in the world

Some of the tools and methods I use include

  • breath work
  • Developing body awareness
  • Conscious movement
  • Various types of energetic bodywork
  • Coaching Orgasmic Yoga (mindful, intentional self-loving)
  • Techniques for relaxation and release of the pelvic muscles
  • Various massage techniques (Taoistic erotic massage, pelvic floor and anal massage, genital massage)
  • Meditative touch
  • Various coaching methodologies
  • Targeted information and explanation related to human sexuality

In addition to my Sexological Bodywork training, I draw on my experience with and inspiration from Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP), the Feldenkrais method and participating in, assisting and leading various sexuality and tantra themed workshops. An important inspiration to my work is my ongoing process of exploring and liberating my own sexuality. 

A sexological Bodywork session lasts 3 hours, starting and ending with talk (in total typically 60-90 minutes of the session) and the rest bodywork. The combination of talking and bodywork creates a powerful experiential space in which somatic learning can take place  - that is, learning not only with our mind but with our whole being, so that real, embodied change takes root. I often propose exercises to do regularly between sessions, in order to fully anchor the learning.  After the first session we will discuss if a longer accompaniment (typically over 3-5 sessions) makes sense. 

As a Sexological Bodyworker it is essential for me to combine a caring, attentive presence with professionalism and integrity. As such I adhere to a strict Ethical code of conduct. I remain fully clothed during sessions and if there is touch it is always one-directional, from me to the client. Bodywork is always discussed in detail with the client beforehand - Clients are fully in control of their experience throughout the session. It is also completely up to the client to what extent they would like to remain fully or partially clothed during the bodywork.

Sexological Bodywork