Tantric Breathwork 

Next Evening  June 11, 2021


Dive deep into yourself and connect with your sensuality, your sexuality and your creative power.

In these evening Groups for singles and couples alike, we create a safe space to explore your connection with your sexuality through your breath and through your body.

Our intention is to create a healing place for awareness and presence, to integrate your sexuality with all the color of your feelings, the connection of your heart and the magic of your own unique being.

With the loving guidance of Olivia and Eran, Tantric Breathwork provides a space for self-exploration. Together we will get to meet ourselves and others authentically, learn to be with all our emotions and feel the liberating effect of speaking our deepest truth. Feeling safe and connected to our bodies gives us the ability and confidence to connect with others on a deeper level.


• Breathwork
• Art of Conscious Touch
• Emotional release and sound exercises
• Sharing circles and learning how to speak authentically and from the heart
• Exploring different qualities of touch in partner and solo exercices
• Movement and playful dance
• Discussing sexuality and taboo topics


• Making friends with your feelings – from the most vulnerable to the most ecstatic
• Connecting with others on a deeper level
• Getting in touch with the part of you that is wild, playful, creative, tender and passionate
• Experiencing and learning how to connect with your breath and integrate the element of breath into your sexuality
• Learning to be present and grounded in your body
• Exploring new practices to connect deeply with yourself and your partner
• Learning to feel, distinguish and express your personal boundaries
• Discovering the magic of living all the colors of your being
• Finding your inner resources that serve you in your daily life


• During these evenings we keep our clothes on
Our main focus in these evenings is the loving, embodied connection to oneself. Part of how we do this is by slowing things down and working with the element of awareness. We aim to create space where each participant is empowered to feel into their own borders and communicate them, even as they change from moment to moment. A space that is safe, aware and structured, where each person is free to create their own experience.
• Although we welcome sensuality and sexual energy, in order to keep the space safe for everyone there will be no explicit sexuality in these evenings.

Welcome to a journey into yourself


Registration and questions: eran@getreal-bodymind.ch 


Time: 19:00-22:30 -Doors open at 18:40. 
Location: Silent Power Zürich Altstetten, Altstetterstrasse 121
CH-8048 Zürich
Bring with you: Comfortable clothing, Lunghi or large towel, water bottle and a snack if you like
Cost: 80 CHF (60 CHF for those with low income)
Language: German and English


The evenings are led by Olivia Marié and Eran Freiwald.

The evening of June 11th, 2021 will be led by Eran alone


Upcoming Tantric Breathwork Evenings in 2021:   11.6, 3.7