Simone Gerli


Simone Gerli

My fascination and passion revolve around the themes of love relationships, body-centered work and everything that helps me to understand myself better and to be more and more loving with myself.

When we are in the body, we are present. Being present means being REALLY there - the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our partner. It is in the space of presence that we find love, and our body is the signpost. Propelled forward by my own story, marked by difficult periods of suffering in childhood and adolescence, my desire for a more free and self-determined life have led me into a journey inside myself.

I was able to recognize and experience that our greatest gifts and resources often arise out of our greatest pain. This realization has strengthened me on my path - specifically in my current life stage, it has given me the courage to go my own way, be true to myself and follow unconventional paths, daring to swim against the current. My greatest teachers are my two kids and I am proud and grateful to be their mom!

I trust that life provides us with what we need - the nudges but also the support - so that we can take the developmental steps that are right for us.

Some of my essential qualities: high sensitivity and empathy, the ability to really listen, communication skills, natural leadership qualities. I am always grateful to see how others put their trust in me and open up to me.

Education/What keeps me busy

  • Birth and hypnosis (individual pre-birth
    hypnosis sessions, seminar organisation,
  • Enjoying regular women’s circles and
    occasionally leading them
  • Expressive dance as a way to reconnect to myself
  • Accompanying people in their last phase of life
  • PETA coach and energy therapist
  • Tibetan Tantra/Pulsing - a path of initiation for women with Shanti Premi
  • 2 year training und various workshops with The Art of Being and Alan Lowen
  • Making Love Retreat with Diana and Michael Richardson