SENSE Sensual

SENSE Sensual Experience Nights

with Simone and Eran


Next SENSE evening - Saturday October 31, 2020

we invite you to a space

where pleasure meets playfulness
desire meets trust
passion meets tenderness
as eyes meet one another

where fire meets stillness
presence meets surrender
shadow meets light
body meets soul

where sensuality is a meditation
to touch as if for the first time
and every encounter an intimate mystery
waiting to be explored

where slowness fills the air
and gently guides you
into your body
into your depth

Where your true essence is revealed
reflected in the essence of the other
the heart opens
and love flows

where you are welcome
exactly as you are
and invited
to rediscover yourself

Sei du selbst
in Deiner Natürlichkeit
kreativ, lebendig, spielerisch, freudig, sinnlich

In these nights, Simone and Eran create an experiential space where themes such as sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, closeness and trust can be explored in a safe environment, where personal borders are honored. We invite you to connect to yourself, to your body, and to others. Our approach is to design guided settings that invite you to explore specific themes while at the same time giving you the freedom to shape your own experience, as fits for you in that moment. There is also group time for sharing and integration of experiences, feelings and insights that arise. There is no nudity or explicit sexuality during the evening.

We place our focus on the connection with our own bodies as a gateway to present, conscious encounters with others. We use a variety of methods and tools such as dance, breathwork, meditation, transparent communication, conscious touch and sensual encounters. Our inspiration comes from various sources such as tantra, Shiatsu, Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP), systemic constellation and community building.

We will serve some snacks at the end of the evening, but in case you come with a big appetite, please bring your own food. The structured part of the evening will end at 22:00 with a small closing ceremony. At the point those who wish to stay are welcome - we will keep the room as an open space for those who would like to keep enjoying the energy we have created with touch, dance, or simply lying down and chilling out.

To register, please write an email to Participation is by pre-registration only. The maximum group size is limited, so we encourage you to register early.

Time: Door opening 18:20, start 18:30 - official end 22:00, followed by open space until 23:00.
Location: Muufo Yoga und Bewegungsraum, Limmattalstrasse 206, 8049 Zürich (Höngg)

Language: German and English
To bring: comfortable clothing for moving and dancing, water bottle
Cost: CHF 70-110 according to ability to pay (discount available for low earners)

The evening is led by Simone Längle and Eran Freiwald

Upcoming SENSE nights in 2020:    31.10, 21.11